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Hi guys! 

We want to start off by saying, thank you so much for supporting us recently at KCON 2014! It was great meeting you guys and seeing how much you liked the shirts.

Feel free to send in reviews for our VIXX and BTS shirts we sold at the booth.

If anyone has experienced issues with the BTS shirts sold at KCON 2014 on Aug. 10, please send us pictures to our email chattystyle@gmail.com.

Our Look Book for our Bangtan 07 shirt is now out!

✎ Anonymous: I bought two shirts but I would like to buy one more. Will I be able to still preorder one?

Hi! If you would like to preorder another shirt, we are only accepting Paypal orders! So you can still preorder another shirt (BTS/VIXX) as long as you choose to pay through Paypal. Otherwise, you will have to buy our remaining shirts at the venue at regular price. Email us if you have anymore questions! Thanks :)

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All INFINITE apparel & merchandise are available for purchase online at CHATTY STYLE

✎ Anonymous: Hello! I love your bangtan shirt designs, but I was wondering if you will have the other shirt designs other than the pre-order design at KCON? Thanks so much! :)


We are only bringing two shirt designs to KCON, the Bangan 07 shirt and the VIXX shirt ^^ 

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You can no longer preorder VIXX or BTS shirts for KCON 2014 as of August 1, 2014. All orders that were accepted were sent an email through the email addressed that were provided via preorder form.

If you preordered, make sure you check that you received the email and MAKE SURE TO READ IT.

Thank you!

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Here’s our lookbook video for our BAP UFO shirts!

The specific shirt modeled was a limited edition metallic silver and glow in the dark design.

We are no longer accepting orders for BTS shirts for KCON 2014

We have officially ended preorders for BTS shirts for KCON 2014. We will be selling any extra shirts at the booth both Saturday and Sunday.

All those who were able to preorder will receive an email by tomorrow night (Aug. 2, 2014) regarding KCON pick up and payment information.

(note: The shirts are still available at chattystyle.com, but you have to pay and wait for shipping)

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✎ Anonymous: hello~ will people that did not preorder the bangtan shirts be able to buy them on saturday? sorry, i'm just a little confused about this, "on august 10th, we will release preorders that have not been paid yet to other customers" thank you!


Yes, people who do not preorder the BTS shirts will still be able to buy extras on Saturday!

Regarding the releasing orders thing, we’re basically saying we can’t hold on to preorders forever (this doesn’t apply to Paypal paid preorders, just people who plan to pay at the booth). Some people are just reserving shirts, and will most likely not show up to pay for them without saying a word. So, after a certain time, we will stop reserving shirts that have not been paid for, so that other people who did not preorder and want to buy shirts can get their own ^^